iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Applications

GV Connect — Google Voice for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

GV Connect Application Icon GV Connect is the most feature-rich Google Voice application available for your iPhone/iPod to interact with your "Google Voice" accounts — it provides the best integration with your Google Voice account, allowing you to place calls from your GV number with full access to your iPhone contacts, send and receive text messages (SMS), listen to voicemails (while reading their transcriptions), and change various account features in a simple way directly from your device.

For a detailed description of the application and a download link (which will open the applications' page on the iPhone App Store in iTunes), please visit the GV Connect page

GV Connect received an honorable mention in the 2010 Best App Ever Awards.

Calling Card — International calls from your iPhone made easy

Calling Card Application Icon Do you use calling cards to call someone from your contacts? Do you make a lot of international calls and don't want to pay what your phone provider charges? Now you no longer need to set up and maintain custom phone numbers for each of those contacts but can simply call any phone number from your phone's contacts database using one or more calling/phone card accounts.

For more information about the application and a download link (which will open the applications' page on the iPhone App Store in iTunes), go to the Calling Card page

Calling Card has received an iPhone Apps Excellence Award for 2008 from iPhonefootprint.com

MOXI Remote — online scheduling for your MOXI HD DVR from your iPhone or iPad

MOXI Remote Application Icon Get the most out of your retail MOXI HD DVR — access scheduling information from anywhere, adjust scheduled recordings, or add new recordings directly from your device using MOXI Remote. Search by show title for upcoming shows or use a custom guide view to browse by channel or show type — channels can be filtered based on personal preferences. MOXI Remote is an universal application that runs optimized on both, the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad.

For more information about the application and a download link (which will open the applications' page on the iPhone App Store in iTunes), go to the MOXI Remote page

MacOS X Applications

Here is a list of applications I wrote for MacOS. To get additional information about any of these applications and in order to download them, click the application's icon below. You can download and use the applications free of charge — however, donations for support and future development are very much appreciated.

Dashboard Widgets — up-to-date information at the tip of your finger

Dashboard Icon

Current Versions:

GV Connect: 2.2.4
Sports Fan: 1.3.100
SigAlert: 2.1.1

GV Connect — the companion widget to the GV Connect iPhone application allows for easy calling and texting from your Google Voice number right from your Dashboard (MacOS 10.5 and full Google Voice account including Google Voice phone number required)

Sports Fan — live scores and standings for Baseball (MLB and minor leagues), Basketball (NBA and NCAA College), Football (NFL and NCAA College Division I-A), and Hockey (NHL)

SigAlert Traffic Maps — live traffic maps with incident reports and live camera pictures for most major metropolitan areas across the US

For more information about the widgets and download links, go to the Dashboard Widgets page

Eudora Mailbox Cleaner — painless migration for your legacy Eudora data
(no longer actively supported)

Eudora Mailbox Cleaner Icon

Current Version: 4.9
Eudora Mailbox Cleaner is a simple drag'n'drop application which helps you migrating your mail and related data between different client programs. Contrary to most other solutions, it preserves message status flags (read, replied, …) and re-attaches attachments Eudora stripped from incoming messages. It currently supports migrating the following information:

Source ApplicationTarget ApplicationMessagesAddressesFilters
Eudora (MacOS or Windows)Apple Mail
Eudora (MacOS or Windows)Thunderbird
Eudora 日本語 (Japanese Version on MacOS)Apple Mail
Eudora 日本語 (Japanese Version on MacOS)Thunderbird
Thunderbird/Mozilla Mail (MacOS, Windows, or Linux)Apple Mail

To read more about the application and to download the current version, go to the Eudora Mailbox Cleaner page

Mail Scripts — all the little things that should be in Mail but were left out
(no longer actively supported)

Mail Scripts Icon

Current Version: 2.10.3

Even though the Mail application included with MacOS X is a great program, it has some serious shortcomings in its implementation. Thankfully both, Mail and Address Book have large AppleScript dictionaries which allow almost every aspect of the programs to be scripted.
Mail Scripts is a collection of scripts that try to fill this gap — among others, it includes scripts to archive mail messages, filter sent messages, send messages at a later time, and export addresses into text files. All scripts are AppleScript Studio applications with a complete UI and are localized into various languages.

To read more about the scripts and to download the current version, go to the Mail Scripts page

Mail Scripts 2.2.3 has been named as one of the "60 Must-Have Utilities for Next to Nothing (or Nothing at All)" in the November 2004 edition of MacWorld and received a rating of 3.5 mice!
Mail Scripts 2.2.1 has been named as one of the "25 Terrific Tools — All-purpose utilities that every Mac owner should know about" in the August 2004 edition of MacWorld!
Mail Scripts 1.3.7 has been included on The VersionTracker Editors' Picks CD Vol. #1!

Miscellaneous AppleScripts

AppleScript Icon

Over the course of writing Mail Scripts, I learned a good deal about the quirks and features of AppleScript in general as well as relating to Mail. In addition to the suite of AppleScript Studio applications released a Mail Scripts, I also write a few other small scripts. Since they have no nice interface, are not localized into anything other than English, and might not work on system 10.3.x like Mail Scripts, I decided to not package them with Mail Scripts but rather release them as individual scripts.
The scripts highlight some less-used features of some of the AppleScript dictionaries and will hopefully be helpful to others to figure out how to do certain things which weren't all that obvious to me on the first try.

To read more about the individual scripts and download them, go to the AppleScript page

Eudora vCard Export
(no longer actively supported)

Eudora vCard Export Icon

Current Version: 1.2.4

Eudora stores its nicknames in a format which cannot be shared with other applications. Eudora vCard Export converts nicknames to vCards which can then easily be imported into other programs (Mac OS X Address Book, Palm Desktop 4, Entourage X…) or moved to your iPod.

To read more about the application and to download the current version, go to the Eudora vCard Export page

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